Photos of Sexy, Sweaty Men Raising Money for AIDS

ConcreteHero2013 1

ConcreteHero2013 3

ConcreteHero2013 2

ConcreteHero2013 4
Concrete Hero takes participants through an urban obstacle course.

ConcreteHero2013 5
Apparently, none of these folks thought to go around the barriers.

ConcreteHero2013 6
He doesn't even look tired.

ConcreteHero2013 7
This year, its second ever for the event, participants like this one teamed up to raise more than $500,000 for the cause.

ConcreteHero2013 8
It couldn't have been easy.

ConcreteHero2013 9
But they make doing good look easy.

ConcreteHero2013 10
Now, all cleaned up, and on to the third year!
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