Don't Feel the Burn This Holiday

BY HIV Plus Editors

November 18 2009 1:00 AM ET

The Experience of Frequent Heartburn in America 2009 study has shown that heartburn can significantly impact many aspects of sufferers' lives, including the ability to have positive personal relationships and enjoy social activities. That could sure put a real damper on Thanksgiving with the family or the office holiday party!

Nationally recognized lifestyle expert Kelley L. Moore, who's appeared on The View, Rachael Ray, and The Today Show and has written for, suggests reducing all of that stress with simple tips for holiday preparedness.

Moore provides frequent heartburn sufferers -- and anyone stressed out over the holidays -- with self-care and lifestyle tips to enjoy the holiday season.

Easy ways to plan ahead and focus on self-care for the holiday season:
>Reinvent the way you relieve stress by planning for a "personal day."
> Relieve the stress of the holiday gift-buying season by making a detailed shopping list that is organized by "passion" and not person.
>Rethink your holiday menu by planning ahead to make sure that all guests, including those with food sensitivities or frequent heartburn, can enjoy the special moment that you created for them.

Tips to manage stress and spend more quality time with friends and family:
>Transform your table top with items you have readily available.
>Prepare your guest room.
>Keep the kids entertained while home during the holidays.

With Thanksgiving only days away, check out more of Moore's tips on her Heartburn Action Plan site.

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