Cities Take Hit on Ryan White Funding


May 12 2006 12:00 AM ET

Although the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services cut Ryan White Title I grants for HIV medical care and support programs to 51 U.S. urban centers by 1.3% from 2005 levels, the cuts were not across the board. Several major U.S. cities with large populations of HIVers received disproportionate cuts, with San Antonio at the top of the list. Health officials in affected cities say AIDS services organizations will likely have to scale back services to deal with the funding losses.

Locale & Cut
''San Antonio: 14.6%
''West Palm Beach, Fla.; 13.1%
''Jersey City, N.J.; 8.9%
''District of Columbia; 8.5%
''San Jose, Calif.; 7.7%
''Philadelphia; 6.9%
''Norfolk, Va.; 6.6%
''Oakland, Calif.; 5.9%
''Los Angeles; 5.3%
''New Haven, Conn.; 5.2%
''San Diego; 4.8%
''Las Vegas; 4.6%
''Newark, N.J.; 4.3%
''Cleveland; 3.3%
''Seattle; 3.3%
''Fort Worth, Texas; 2.6%
''Boston; 2.3%
''Jacksonville, Fla.; 2.2%
''Miami; 2.2%
''Detroit; 2.1%

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