Issue 101 July-August 2014
May 29 2014 1:00 AM ET

Issue 101 July-August 2014 Editors

Inside Matt Bomer’s star turn in The Normal Heart; the actor tells us what it was like to inhabit the role of a man living with and then dying of AIDS. Plus, this bonus issue contains The Complete 2014 HIV Plus Treatment Guide, our most comprehensive look ever at the medications approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat HIV and opportunistic infections, as well as a state-by-state map of drug assistance programs, complementary therapies, and drug trials.

Issue 100 May-June 2014
April 14 2014 4:00 AM ET

Issue 100 May-June 2014

HIV Plus Editors

Since he came out as HIV-positive on national TV, Project Runway star Mondo Guerra has gained widespread fame, renown as an activist, a new TV gig or two, and a boy friend who is the “cutest boy ever.” He tells HIV Plus what’s next in this cover story. In the same issue, Foxy Brown and The L Word star Pam Grier talks about her foodie obsessions, Daniel Reynolds explores how gay couples’s sexual agreements affect HIV transmission, and U.K. Celebrities get naked for AIDS charity. We also investigate whether an ingredient in marijuana could treat HIV and whether de-gaying the epidemic led to higher HIV rates among gay men. And don’t forget to check out why poz men make good boyfriends, how to self-sooth on a shoestring, a filmmaker who won’t let HIV subvert his dreams, and a therapists advice for sticking to your meds.

Issue 99, March-April 2014
February 11 2014 11:06 AM ET

Issue 99, March-April 2014

HIV Plus Editors

Carlton Wilborn, actor, dancer, writer, toured the world with Madonna, but only hit his stride once he came out about having HIV. Now the self-help guru shares his secrets to a happy, healthy, positive life with HIV Plus. In the same issue, fighter Forrest Griffin talks about battling stigma, Perry Halktis talks about surviving the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s, and Alexander Smith explains viral mindfulness, using yoga and meditation to life healthfully with HIV. We investigate why transgender women are finding justice isn't blind when it comes to criminalization laws around HIV. The biggest feature here, though, is our bonus "Just Diagnosed" section, a special HIV 101 series that answers every question a newbie has about living with the chronic condition, and offers advice on disclosing, finding the right doctor, affording medication, and how this does or doesn't need to affect your dating life.

Issue 98, January-February, 2014
December 09 2013 5:45 PM ET

Issue 98, January-February, 2014

HIV Plus Editors

Actor Jared Leto talks to HIV Plus about his role as an HIV-positive transgender woman in the Oscar-worthy film, Dallas Buyers Club. Plus we commemorate HIV awareness with this special African-American Issue, which features a groundbreaking feature on the unexpected reason why HIV rates are escalating about black gay and bi me (it’s not what you think), some modern dating advice for poz black women, and a guide to having a healthy pregnancy even when you have HIV. There’s plenty more, including the latest treatment info, cure watch, and interviews with HIV-positive comic book maven Darren Davis, blind poz actor Eduardo Barr, and TV talk show host Ross Matthews.

Issue 97, November-December, 2013
September 24 2013 4:54 PM ET

Issue 97, November-December, 2013

HIV Plus Editors

Our cover star, Kelly Osbourne, talks about how her generation can put an end to HIV. Plus, hip hop stars Fergie and Monifah talks about how HIV impacts them, we look at the year’s developments in a cure for HIV, the newest drugs approved for treatment, reaching Latinos through a new CDC campaign, and the newest research from the U.S. Conference on AIDS. Oh, and an HIV+ kid wins a college VP battle and we look at several new novels tackling HIV and AIDS.

Issue 96, September-October, 2013
September 16 2013 4:28 AM ET

Issue 96, September-October, 2013 Editors

Nightmare on Elm Street’s scream king comes out as HIV positive; A comic book maven and a standup comic have HIV in common; an 82-year-old grandmother rides for the cause; and watch music videos embedded in the magazine as you read about disco superstar Sylvester, who changed the music industry before he died of AIDS. Plus: Testing done right and, in Greece, terribly wrong.

Issue 95, July-August, 2013
June 24 2013 7:00 AM ET

Issue 95, July-August, 2013 Editors

The Complete 2013 HIV Treatment Guide; a State-by-State Guide to Drug Assistance Programs; Through the Lens of HIV+ photographer Duane Cramer; and ‘80s Ladies Cyndi Lauper, Debbie Gibson, and Paula Poundstone on Fighting AIDS for Three Decades

Issue 94, May-June, 2013
April 22 2013 2:42 PM ET

Issue 94, May-June, 2013 Editors

10 Amazing Gay Men With HIV; Why Dating Someone With HIV Is Actually A Safer Bet; The Strange Case of Uncle Poodle; Single Ladies' Lisaraye McCoy; How to Put Disappointment Behind You

Issue 93, March-April, 2013
February 26 2013 2:08 PM ET

Issue 93, March-April, 2013 Editors

Special Issue: Women, Youth, and HIV; Singer and Actress Deborah Cox; Pharmacies for HIVers; How to Find The Right Doctor; Maria Mejia on The Healing Power of True Love; Could Your Phone Save Your Life?

Issue 92, Jan-Feb, 2013
January 08 2013 1:43 PM ET

Issue 92, Jan-Feb, 2013 Editors

Positive Olympian Ji Wallace; Sex Talk on Historically Black College Campuses; 10 Tests to Stay Healthy in 2013; City Bus Controversy; Travel Restrictions and HIVers; Country Singer Jimbeau Hinson

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