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Join This Year’s #CheekyChallenge and Post a Butt Pic to Save Lives

This year’s Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month encourages you to share your booty pics to spread awareness.

Plus153 March-April 2023: The Wellness Issue

In this special issue of Plus, we talk about the importance of taking care of your body as well as healing and caring for your mental and emotional health.

Felice Marano is Spreading His Message of Love Around the World

Our cover star, a wellness and yoga expert and world traveler, is focused on bringing humanity and love into HIV activism.

VIDEO: How Do HIV Activists Balance Their Own Mental Health & Wellness?

Yoga, wellness, and HIV advocate Felice Marano opens up about activism burnout and more.

Mobile App Aims to Help Black Smokers Living With HIV

The initiative received a $1.3 million grant for the research.

This Holiday Season, Focus on Do's Instead of Don'ts

How about approaching the holidays with an open mind, open to possibilities and joy? Here's how to move from "I hope I don't" to "I hope I do."  

Putting the Sex Back Into Safer Sex Campaigns

The Pleasure Project's 15 years of research has proven that sexy safe sex campaigns are far more effective. Now it's time the rest of us catch up.

Making Peace With Being Single During Lonely Times

With so many diseases in the news, dating feels fraught these days. Here's how one man turned the hunt for love and sex inward.

Mental Health Crisis Line 988 Now Available

The new 988 line is a lifesaving leap forward for mental health. Get familiar with it and pass it along!

HIV Advocate Tony Morrison Talks Mental Health on New Web Series

This week on Truth Be Told, Tony has an honest chat with fitness expert Kendall Toole about mental health.

Whether You're on Good or Bad Terms with Your Folks, Acceptance is Key

Good thoughts and memories about your parents or not so good? Read Dr. Gary's tips on coming to acceptance.  

Anger Is Toxic, Especially for Those Living With HIV

Our wellness expert details the price we pay when we obsess over the (bad) behavior of others, and how to move past the fury monster.

Ready to Do Some Spring Cleaning? It’s Never Too Late, or Too Early!

Maybe it's time to think about doing some spring cleaning, starting with sprucing up your approach to your emotional wellness.

Why a Healthy Diet is Vital for People Living with HIV

Healthy eating habits are important for everyone — but especially those living with HIV, according to the latest data.

Could Sharing a Booty Pic Help Save Lives?

Some sexy celebs are using their bums to raise awareness around colorectal cancer this month with the #MarchYourButts campaign. And you can too.

Let's Face It, Life is Never Easy. So Remember to Practice Self Care

Here are some tips on how to be a happier, healthier you.

So It's a New Year. Now What?

Let's face it, 2021 wasn't an easy year, to say the least. So how about shifting your perspective toward being kinder to yourself, with an eye toward what's possible in the year ahead?

Were the Holidays Joyful or Draining for You? Here's How to Recharge

Our resident wellness doc gives some great tips on how to reclaim your joy in the new year.

Let's Get Grateful! It Can Work Wonders for Your Mental Health

Research shows that taking a moment each day to focus on what you're grateful for can improve your outlook, help you be more successful, and build relationships.

Get Your Fitness and Diet Groove Back, Post-COVID

Regaining your diet and fitness routines doesn’t have to be frightening.