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Check out our spring 'Wellness Issue' — promise it'll make you feel better!

Check out our spring 'Wellness Issue' — promise it'll make you feel better!

<p>Check out our spring 'Wellness Issue' — promise it'll make you feel better!</p>
photo by nappy/pexels

Plus magazine's March/April issue is full of good vibes and great advice for living your best life possible, regardless of your HIV status.

Wellness is defined in the dictionary as “the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal.” That last part especially struck me: especially as an actively sought goal. To be honest, I previously thought of the term as just another trendy, New Age catch phrase — but reading the actual definition caused something to finally click in my brain about what being “well” really means in our own lives. It’s a choice. And one you must actively pursue.

But that’s easier said than done, right? In a busy, bustling world that often leaves us little room to breathe, the concept of wellness can feel abstract and distant. Also, many of us may come from families and communities where things like mental and emotional health are rarely, if ever, discussed. Which is exactly why Plus produces this annual Wellness Issue.


For this issue, we spoke with several experts at the top of their fields to share some words of wisdom on the topic. On page 12, our resident mental health specialist, Dr. Gary McClain, gives his best advice on how to unclutter your mind and greatly improve your quality of life. Then on page 14, health and fitness expert and HIV advocate Dr. Leo Moore shares some of his own journey to mental, physical, and spiritual wellness — and has some tips on how you can do the same.

Fitness expert and HIV advocate Dr. Leo Moorephoto by Arturo Olmos for Men's Health magazine

And don’t worry, we didn’t forget about sex! Having a happy, healthy sex life is essential to most people’s state of well-being. Not only should sex not be shamed or ignored, it should also be celebrated! However, part of maintaining a happy, healthy sex life means occasionally visiting a doctor or clinic for regular STI screenings and other care. For gay and bi men, and trans women, this is especially important because the doctor may recommend certain tests or medications, like PrEP, depending on your specific lifestyle and needs. Check out our Q&A on page 19 with one of the country’s leading gay physicians, Dr. Carlton Thomas, aka the “Butt Doctor, to get some advice on what queer men should ask about during annual exams.

Another component of being well is self-expression, which can be therapeutic for you as well as others. Actor and HIV activist Stephen Harthas used theater to help heal his personal traumas. Read about how his autobiographical show Shadowed Dreamer is returning to the stage this year (page 16). And another multi-talented artist using their platform for good is rapper Common. The Grammy-winner’s new book is all about self-love (page 17).

We also bring you the latest news and feel-good stories in this issue — like the Onlyfans hunk who’s raising tens of thousands of dollars for AIDS/LifeCycle (page 6), or how a new study shows a promising new option for HIV-positive people wanting to start a family (page 8).

Whatever brought you to flip through these pages today, I hope you find some useful information, hopeful inspiration, and a little bit of fun.

Be well,

Desirée Guerrero, Plus editor in chief

cover image by Rafael Barros/Pexels

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