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First Woman 'Cured' of HIV Continues to Thrive

The “New York Patient” has gone 30 months without a trace of the virus.

Human Rights Campaign Data Shows Racial Disparities in Mpox Treatment

Only one tenth of Black people received treatment, despite accounting for one third of all new mpox cases.

Researchers Test Quick-Dissolving Rectal PrEP for HIV Prevention

The Phase 1 trial shows the new method could be a very viable option for preventing HIV transmission.

ViiV Healthcare Launches Activity Books for HIV Education in Black Women

The books aim to change the way Black women are disproportionately affected by HIV.

New Research Shows Long-Acting Injectable is Preferable to Pills

Ninety percent of study participants preferred the every-two-month HIV treatment regimen over taking a daily pill.

Ozempic 411: For Weight Loss, Diabetes, or Both?

The drug has become a pop culture darling after its weight loss potential was promoted on social media.

Treatment-Resistant HIV May Have Met Its Match

A new study shows hope for the 10 percent of HIV-positive patients who cannot rely on initial treatment meds.

African Nations Determined to End AIDS: Here's How They'll Do It

Around 67 percent of the world's HIV-positive people reside in Africa.

Fifth Person Cured of HIV

A stem cell transplant effectively replaced the patient’s entire immune system, according to reports.

Black Canadians at Higher Risk of Death From HIV & Cancer

New research shows structural racism and limited education remain a predominant factor in such disparities.

American Students Study Abroad With a Focus on HIV in Israel

12 students traveled to the country to experience and reflect on disparities in HIV care in the area.

Young HIV-Positive Indian Boy Beats Inherited Blood Disorder

The 7-year-old became the first successful high-risk bone marrow transplant in India.

Mental Resilience Against HIV Stigma is Key in Ending the Epidemic

New research highlights the unmet mental health needs of long-term survivors

First Cases of Antibiotic-Resistant Gonorrhea Identified in the U.S.

Though only two cases of the new strain have been identified so far, it raises concerns of future outbreaks. 

Writer Josh Kruger Just Took His Last HIV Pill

New scientific advances had him rethinking treatment and activism efforts.

VIDEO: HIV Advocate Diana Feliz Oliva on Getting Tested

As a trans woman of color, Oliva understands the hardships of being marginalized in our society — and is using that experience to help others. 

Mobile App Aims to Help Black Smokers Living With HIV

The initiative received a $1.3 million grant for the research.

Find Freedom Living With HIV in WithOut Limits, a New Plus Series

Get ready for a new editorial series that will feature stories of men thriving with HIV and the newfound freedom they’ve experienced since starting their treatment.

Twice-Yearly HIV Treatment Approved for Those With Drug Resistance

The approval is a game-changer for those struggling with drug resistance.

How Finding Community Helps You Thrive When Living with HIV

Watch doctoral student Daniel Driffin discuss his experience with HIV in The Switch.