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Common has a message on how to foster self-love

The iconic rapper, actor, and author says his new wellness book is “a love letter to his community.”

Author and Activist Mark S. King Gets Real About Sex, Drugs, and HIV

In his fascinating new memoir, the award-winning blogger illustrates that those living with HIV can have just as crazy, beautiful, sexy, and fabulous lives as anyone else.

VIDEO: HIV Activist & Survivor Martina Clark's New Memoir

In this exclusive clip, Clark discusses her new book with fellow HIV advocate Karl Schmid.

U2's Bono Opens Up About Addiction and Faith in New Book

The longtime HIV activist and ally gets real about religion, politics, and more in a revealing new memoir. 

Sex Before AIDS: This Black Gay Author Takes Us Back to Another Era

Cary Alan Johnson's acclaimed new memoir, Desire Lines, recounts his sexual awakening in New York City — just before the dawn of AIDS.

Dwayne Ratleff Transforms Tragedy into Triumph in New Book

Dancing to the Lyrics details the HIV advocate and author's hardscrabble life as a child in 1960s Baltimore.​

A Truvada Prescription Got This Guy Labeled a 'High-Risk Homosexual'

In his new memoir, High-Risk Homosexual, Edgar Gomez details the personal reckoning that came with being one of the first people on PrEP. Read an exclusive excerpt here.

A Case of HIV Hysteria is Uncovered After 30 Years

A new book revisits the case of a Florida dentist unfairly targeted in the 1980s.

10 Personal Stories of Queer People on PrEP or Living With HIV

Francesco Di Benedetto's new book allows a diverse group of LGBTQ+ people to express their feelings on sex, stigma, and meds.

This Longterm Survivor Knows What It's Like to Live Through a Pandemic

In his new memoir, The Storm: One Voice from the AIDS Generation, Christopher Zyda recounts the terrifying early days of AIDS.

Let's Write About Sex

Alex Cheves gained a following authoring candid articles about sex and HIV in national magazines and his blog, Love, Beastly. Now signed to a book deal, the gay journalist tells us what it’s like to share your innermost fears and fetishes with the world. 

Author Darnell L. Moore Gets Frank About Black Men and HIV

The writer of No Ashes in the Fire speaks to the LGBTQ&A podcast about sex and spirituality.

Poz Sex Columnist Lands Book Deal on 'Sluthood'

Alexander Cheves discusses how his forthcoming Love, Beastly: Essays on Sluthood will tackle stigma and shame. 

10 Homages to Lost Friends in Doug Meyer's Heroes: A Tribute

In 1981, conceptual artist and designer Doug Meyer lost a dear friend to a mysterious new disease we now know was AIDS. Over the next few years, Meyer went to 79 funerals.