The gay Olympic medalist has been fighting charges for allegedly violating Florida’s HIV disclosure law.

March 22 2017 8:00 AM

Taking meds can be easy. Learning how to breathe is the tricky part.


March 22 2017 7:00 AM

Even with Obamacare hanging on, trans folks are still pushing back against a tidal wave of ignorance in the insurance industry.

March 22 2017 5:00 AM

People living with HIV who have  children often have a lot of anxiety about how to prepare for their futures.

March 22 2017 12:35 AM

To illustrate the hypocrisy regarding women's sexual health versus men's, Rep. Jessica Farrar proposed a bill to force men to undergo unnecessary rectal exams before seeking Viagra, vasectomies, and more. 

March 22 2017 12:32 AM

Experts are trying to discover why the rates of colon and rectal cancers in younger people are consistently increasing, while the rates are falling among older people. 

March 15 2017 8:05 AM

Access to health care under ACA has brought huge benefits to those at risk of and living with HIV.

March 13 2017 5:00 AM