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Mental Health

Why is a mother’s mental health so important? A doctor explains

World Maternal Mental Health Day: Why are new mothers not getting the help they need?

A Grindr/Facebook hybrid launches for people with HIV

A new app hopes to foster better health and stronger connections.

Plus Jan/Feb issue: Celebrating Black male beauty, talking mental health, & more

In this special issue, we focus on the beauty and resilience of the Black community — and Mr. Gay World shares a message about mental wellness.

Mr. Gay World wants to make sure you're OK

Troy Michael Smith has survived some dark places, and has now made it his mission to help other gay and bi men find healing.

Biden Pushes Funding for LGBTQ+ Mental Health Services

The Health and Human Services Department recently spent nearly $110 million on suicide prevention.

Do Antidepressants Make HIV Meds Less Effective?

The influence of antidepressants on antiretrovirals will soon be better understood.

This Holiday Season, Focus on Do's Instead of Don'ts

How about approaching the holidays with an open mind, open to possibilities and joy? Here's how to move from "I hope I don't" to "I hope I do."  

PrEP Advocate Damon L. Jacobs Gets Real (and Naked) in Intimate Web Series

Tub Talks features honest conversations about sex, body image, and HIV — all while naked in the tub. 

Closure—Why You Want It and What Wanting It Does to You

It is human to want some finality, but it's not always healthy.

Megan Thee Stallion Wants You to Know Even Superstars Get the Blues

The Grammy winner wants to take the stigma away from depression, anxiety, and other mental health struggles.

Mental Health Crisis Line 988 Now Available

The new 988 line is a lifesaving leap forward for mental health. Get familiar with it and pass it along!

HIV Heroes Speak on Depression and Isolation Felt by HIV Community

Deondre Moore and Jade Elektra are fighting against HIV stigma with love and music.

The Reality of MPV: Monkeypox Patients Speak of Loneliness and Pain

Wesley Wallace says he got MPV by kissing someone at a bar. Now he wants people to see what the virus can look like and understand its stigma. 

HIV Advocate Tony Morrison Talks Mental Health on New Web Series

This week on Truth Be Told, Tony has an honest chat with fitness expert Kendall Toole about mental health.

Whether You're on Good or Bad Terms with Your Folks, Acceptance is Key

Good thoughts and memories about your parents or not so good? Read Dr. Gary's tips on coming to acceptance.  

Anger Is Toxic, Especially for Those Living With HIV

Our wellness expert details the price we pay when we obsess over the (bad) behavior of others, and how to move past the fury monster.

Let's Face It, Life is Never Easy. So Remember to Practice Self Care

Here are some tips on how to be a happier, healthier you.

So It's a New Year. Now What?

Let's face it, 2021 wasn't an easy year, to say the least. So how about shifting your perspective toward being kinder to yourself, with an eye toward what's possible in the year ahead?

Were the Holidays Joyful or Draining for You? Here's How to Recharge

Our resident wellness doc gives some great tips on how to reclaim your joy in the new year.

Let's Get Grateful! It Can Work Wonders for Your Mental Health

Research shows that taking a moment each day to focus on what you're grateful for can improve your outlook, help you be more successful, and build relationships.