The new plan reallocates a total of $266 million from numerous programs.

September 21 2018 12:13 AM

The money will be used to assist more than 1,700 low-income persons living with HIV and their families annually over a three-year period.

September 05 2018 11:54 AM

STI rates hit record highs in the United States and more of them are growing resistant to antibiotics.

August 29 2018 2:12 PM

The editorial team behind Plus, The Advocate, and Chill magazines are finalists for the storied Folio Award. 

August 03 2018 4:48 AM

Holding a sign calling his neighbor a "Gay Asian With AIDS," an Orlando resident and a symbol of hate and ignorance has been watched by many. 

July 31 2018 7:00 PM

His ignorance is clear, and it's doing excessive amounts of harm for poz people. 

May 18 2018 1:41 PM

New research shows that poz people are more likely to develop skin cancer. 

May 09 2018 1:40 PM