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How Gays Against Guns Is Influenced by ACT UP

The founders of the Los Angeles chapter of Gays Against Guns were active in the fight against AIDS as members of ACT UP, and they are now channeling that energy into the movement for gun control.

Orlando Shooter's Alleged Lover Claims HIV Stigma, Rejection Reasoning for Massacre

The man, who wore disguise for the interview, told Univision that Omar Mateen's motive was not "terrorism" but rather a revenge.

President Obama: 'AIDS-Free Generation Is Within Reach'

On the 35th anniversary of the first HIV/AIDS report, President Obama issued a statement honoring the memory of those who lost their lives to the disease.

HRC to Hillary Clinton: Nancy Reagan Was 'No Hero' on AIDS

The Democratic front-runner commends Nancy Reagan for starting a 'national conversation' about HIV and AIDS, but the president of the Human Rights Campaign takes issue.