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U=U & U is Pride Media's year-long initiative to get the word out about HIV prevention, treatment, and testing, especially the groundbreaking news that people living with HIV who have undetectable viral loads can no longer transmit HIV.

The science behind U=U has been liberating people with HIV for years

A look back on how research and radical activism have worked together to harness the power of U=U.

Our May/June issue of Plus is here!

The issue includes some real talk from cover star Todrick Hall, Elton's Oscar party pics, Oprah's endorsement of U=U, and more.

Plus Magazine's 2023 HIV Treatment Guide

Our breakdown of the most commonly prescribed, FDA-approved medications for the treatment (and prevention) of HIV.

How the U=U Movement Changed Sex for Everyone

Reflecting on seven years of undetectable equals untransmittable.

Plus154 May-June: All About U=U

In this issue, we celebrate allies like reality star Greg Mathis Jr. and seven years of the U=U movement that continues to change lives.

U=U is Drastically Reducing HIV Rates in Australia

A recent report shows new HIV cases have gone down by 66 percent due to using treatment as prevention.

London Aims to Be First Major City to Eliminate New HIV Cases

The city says it's “on course” to eliminate all new transmissions by 2030.

Former Rugby Captain Gareth Thomas Settles HIV Accusation Case

The settlement highlights an outdated UK law targeting those living with HIV.

VIDEO: An Open Discussion With an HIV+ Dad

One proud papa is using social media to combat HIV stigma — and it's working. 

Karl Schmid Delivers a Special World AIDS Day Message in the Nude

The HIV-positive advocate speaks the naked truth in a new PSA: "See me, not my HIV."

Putting the Sex Back Into Safer Sex Campaigns

The Pleasure Project's 15 years of research has proven that sexy safe sex campaigns are far more effective. Now it's time the rest of us catch up.

Plus151 Nov-Dec 2022 'Amazing People of the Year' Issue

In our last issue of 2022, we celebrate World AIDS Day and the year's Most Amazing People Living with HIV.

How This Black Gay Millennial Helped Bring U=U to the White House

At 28, our Person of the Year, Deondre Moore, has already made enormous impact in the fight against HIV. And he's just getting started. 

Decriminalization of HIV is 'Scientifically Proven and Morally Correct'

The United Nations continues to push for the global decriminalization of HIV.

HIV Heroes Speak on Depression and Isolation Felt by HIV Community

Deondre Moore and Jade Elektra are fighting against HIV stigma with love and music.

Georgia Modernizes HIV Disclosure Law

It’s no longer a felony to not disclose your HIV status before sex in the Southern state.

Celebrating 6 Years of Undetectable = Untransmittable

The U=U movement continues to free people living with HIV from stigma, fear, and shame. Here's how it changed one man's life.

Plus 148 May-June Issue: Alexandra Billings, Troye Sivan, and More

In this issue, we focus on women and HIV — and Hollywood's shifting attitude on the topic — and celebrate six years of U=U. 

2021's Amazing People Living with HIV: Activist Mandisa Nikita Dukashe

This fearless activist is bringing the message of U=U to South Africa.

In Just 5 Years, Undetectable=Untransmittable Changed History

The U=U movement has improved the lives of both HIV-positive and HIV-negative individuals. The people behind the campaign tell us where it's going next.