The photographer and activist shares his experience at USCA 2017 in an amazing video.

November 17 2017 5:54 AM

They're bringing back old hateful rhetoric around homosexuality and HIV.

November 15 2017 5:34 AM

A group of HIV-positive gourmets use food and humor to dispel myths and stigma around the condition.

November 13 2017 6:04 AM

A 2012 murder trial ruling could completely disintegrate due to the judge’s HIV insult that was secretly caught on tape.

November 13 2017 6:04 AM

In his latest book, Punishing Disease, Trevor Hoppe tackles HIV criminalization, one of the most polarizing issues in the LGBT community.

November 10 2017 7:00 AM

Activist and author Sean Strub continues to fight for people living with HIV while serving as mayor of his small town.

November 09 2017 7:36 AM