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Sex & Dating

The Pleasure Project's 15 years of research has proven that sexy safe sex campaigns are far more effective. Now it's time the rest of us catch up.

November 15 2022 6:04 PM

The debate on whether to label MPV a "sexually transmitted disease" that affects mostly "gay and bi men" rages on. 

September 01 2022 1:43 PM

New research shows a decrease in the number of new daily MPV cases. But is it enough to stop the outbreak completely?

August 31 2022 5:23 PM

Kim Chi, Johnny Sibilly, Dexter Mayfield, and Jake Wesley Rogers give tips on love and self-love in season 2 of 'Dating PrEP.'

August 30 2022 7:01 PM

The CDC says reducing the number of random hookups can greatly reduce one's risk of contracting MPV.

August 29 2022 10:38 AM