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Amazing HIV-Positive People

Plus Nov/Dec Issue: PEPFAR in Danger & Our Allies and Advocates of the Year

In this issue we cover the far-right's plight to end a global HIV program that has saved millions, and also celebrate eight amazing advocates who are creating change.

Remembering Pedro Zamora During Hispanic Heritage Month

We lost the courageous HIV/AIDS activist almost 30 years ago — yet his legacy continues to inspire future generations.

HIV Activist Raif Derrazi is Striking Back at Stigma

The +Life host and bodybuilder is spreading the message of U=U and of what it means to be "HIV neutral."

New 'Drag Race' Host Is a Legendary Activist Living With HIV

The Drag Race Germany star is adding their name to the growing list of celebs who are unashamed of their status.

This TikTok Teen Chronicles Life With HIV

Zach Willmore has amassed nearly 2 million followers spreading education and positivity.

The Most Amazing People Living With HIV: 2022 Hall of Fame

For our 8th year celebrating some of the Most Amazing People in the HIV community, we look back on a few of our favorite previous honorees.

The 10 Most Amazing People of 2022 Living With HIV

This beautiful cross-section of humanity is bettering the world by fighting for more health care, increased access to treatment, and an end to stigma.

Plus151 Nov-Dec 2022 'Amazing People of the Year' Issue

In our last issue of 2022, we celebrate World AIDS Day and the year's Most Amazing People Living with HIV.

How This Black Gay Millennial Helped Bring U=U to the White House

At 28, our Person of the Year, Deondre Moore, has already made enormous impact in the fight against HIV. And he's just getting started. 

Two-Spirit Tony Enos is Smashing Stigma and Bringing HIV Awareness

In honor of National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (March 20), meet an artist and activist who wants to change the narrative around those living with HIV.

2021's Amazing People Living with HIV: Advocate Jordan J. Edwards

This community leader is dedicated to changing perceptions and helping others. 

2021's Amazing People Living with HIV: Community Leader Deondre Moore

The accomplished activist and educator is just getting started.

2021's Amazing People Living with HIV: Activist Bryan C. Jones

The Black commmunity leader and HIV advocate continues to fight for those who need help most.

2021's Amazing People Living with HIV: Nonprofit Founder Tarik Daniels

The writer, performer, and advocate is bringing awareness to mental health and HIV.

2021's Amazing People Living with HIV: It's a Sin's Nathaniel Hall

The courageous actor and advocate brings visibility to HIV in his life and in his work.

2021's Amazing People Living with HIV: Actor and Advocate Billy Porter

The multi-talented performer and fashionista has triumphed over trauma to became one of today's most beloved stars.

2021's Amazing People Living with HIV: Activist Mandisa Nikita Dukashe

This fearless activist is bringing the message of U=U to South Africa.

Special World AIDS Day Presentation: Amazing People Living with HIV

In honor of World AIDS Day 2021, some of Plus magazine's Most Amazing People Living with HIV have a special message for you. 

2021's Amazing People Living with HIV: Actor & Playwright Stephen Hart

The multi-talented British artist and activist speaks truth to power in his inspiring work.

2021's Amazing People Living with HIV: Author Nozibele Qamngana-Mayaba

The courageous South African activist is combating HIV stigma for women and children.