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Op-Ed: The HIV-Positive Community Should Fear Gary Johnson

The Libertarian candidate may seem like a viable option for President, but he’d be even worse than Trump for those who are poz. Here’s why. 

Deserted: Long Term HIV Survivors in Palm Springs

In Daniel F. Cardone's documentary, the stark, desert landscape of Palm Springs reflects the physical and psychological isolation some HIV-positive retirees experience.

Op-ed: Trump's Healthcare Reforms Will Be Worse Than You Think

The consequences for people either living with, or at high risk of getting, HIV could be devastating.

WATCH: Why You Should Watch HBO's 'Larry Kramer in Love & Anger' Tonight

In this new documentary, the co-founder of GMHC and ACT UP remains uncompromising, unapologetic, and flawed, but also empathetic and incredibly persuasive.

From Sex Work to College Romance, Film Shows HIV is 'Not Over' For Young People

A new documentaryabout HIV and AIDS around the globe, It's Not Over, shines when it looks through the eyes of kids impacted by the epidemic.

WATCH: Activist Ai Weiwei Looks at Fellow Chinese Dissident's Life with AIDS

“I’m not all that important. Death is an honor. I mean, living is an honor. How should I put it? A great life and an honorable death.”~Liu Ximei in the documentary, Stay Home