Diane Anderson-Minshall

Coming out HIV-positive is getting easier.

August 31 2018 5:28 AM

Former pro basketball player Demarco Majors worries about what you’re putting in your body.

August 27 2018 4:49 PM

Dr. Derrick Butler says there’s no longer any reason that HIV should change your goals in life. Just take your meds every day.

July 16 2018 11:57 PM

Many TV news programs and local newspapers cover HIV only on one of those particular dates each year — whichever one they find most important. For a magazine like Plus, we cover it all, but we also hear about the aftermath.

April 16 2018 2:31 AM

Riveting portraits of ordinary lives of people living with HIV populate this issue.

February 05 2018 5:00 AM