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Editor's Letter: On New Beginnings, a Few Goodbyes, and Many Thanks

Diane Anderson-Minshall introduces Plus's new editor in chief and shares her excitement for the future.

HIV Education for the Next Generation

A recent study shows that Millennials and Gen Zs are alarmingly ignorant about HIV. That's a problem. 

Welcome to U=U&U: Undetectable, Untransmittable, You.

The equation U=U is simple and scientifically-proven. People living with HIV who maintain an undetectable viral load and stay on treatment do not transmit HIV through condomless sex. 

Michael K. Williams as a Gay Veteran Living With HIV Still Resonates

He mesmerized us on The Wire and Boardwalk Empire, but his gay character on TV as HIV-positive veteran Ken Jones on When We Rise was smooth sailing for the actor and activist. 

Why it Matters That Presidential Candidates Talk About HIV

2020 is not the year to get complacent about HIV, but rather an opportunity to spark a new kind of movement. 

There’s No Shame in This Poz Professor’s Game

This college prof living with HIV is 100 percent real, even at the White House.

Why We Can Never Stop Fighting HIV

HIV is no longer a death sentence, but to deny that some people still experience it that way is to miss what happens to young Black men today.

Daniel Driffin Wants You to Thrive, Not Just Survive

This Atlanta-based activist is helping hundreds of same-gender loving men learn to thrive in their lives.

Why We Still Need HIV Warriors

We need to be able to hear and amplify the voices that have been ignored, marginalized, or outright silenced. 

They Found a Better Way to Get Latinx Miami on PrEP

Two men from very different worlds are changing how Miami’s Latinx community accesses Prep — in a city where 5 percent of people are living with HIV. That's more than New York, L.A., or San Francisco.

Getting To Undetectable Should Never Be An Uphill Battle

Get on treatment as soon as you find out you’re HIV-positive. For most people, that’s enough to become undetectable in a matter of weeks.

Here's Why We Chose To Highlight Miami Activists On Our Cover

For our recent cover, Plus spotlighted to very important men advocating for PrEP access in the Latinx community. 

Oscar Nominee Rami Malek Brings Freddie Mercury To A New Age

The Queen frontman who died of AIDS complications is brought back to life for audiences around the world. 

Broadway Actor Comes Out HIV-Positive For A Greater Purpose

Dimitri Moise is joining the fight against HIV in the black community, proving that being poz doesn’t have to derail your dreams.

The Fight Against HIV Will Not Waver

People living with HIV are a resilient bunch, and history continues to repeat itself. 

#3 Of Our Amazing People Living with HIV: Sanjay Johnson

His mug shot turned Sanjay Johnson into an overnight activist.

#22 Of Our Amazing People Living with HIV: Greg Gonsalves

Gregg Gonsalves went from the streets with ACT UP to the halls of Yale University.

What Are Your Resolutions For 2019?

The new year is always a great time to step back and look at where you’ve been and where you’re going.

Broadway Star Bares His HIV Status In Uplifting Story

Broadway actor Dimitri Moise comes out HIV-positive to join the fight against HIV in the black community. 

Keith Haring, Miami, and the Art of Fashion

Check out lifestyle brand Morphew's tribute to Haring before hitting Art Basel this year.