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The New York Times Recalls Its Own Mistakes in Covering HIV

Poor representation of LGBT journalists and outright homophobia contributed to a "spotty record."

On Batman, HIV, and Being Queer

 While promoting the AIDS  drama 1984, Gotham actor Cory Michael Smith comes out as queer.

This Election Is Frightening for What It Means

The country that voted on Tuesday isn't the one that backed so much progress.

Long-Time HIV Survivor and Famed Author Mark Thompson Dies at 63

He was the author of The Advocate's definitive history and a number of books about LGBT culture.

FBI Wants You to Know Omar Mateen Wasn't HIV-Positive

Investigators are trying to discredit a gay man who says Omar Mateen was closeted.

Is 'Undetectable' the New Safe Sex

A groundbreaking new study is quantifying transmission risk for gay men when one partner has an undetectable viral load.

WATCH: Vine's Biggest Star Says Testing for HIV is a Gay Thing, Uses the F Word

The 16-year-old is the most followed person on Vine and dropped an antigay slur while spreading misinformation about HIV.

What's Really Behind the High HIV Rates for Black Gay Men?

Forget about all the stereotypes and misconceptions. One possible reason for the escalating rates might just surprise you.


The Deadly Drug War

Activists call on Congress to end a funding ban to fight

Fight Homophobia and Stop HIV?

When confronted with a homophobe, there might be no winning argument, but activists at the Hispanic Federation have found two messages that they say are proving effective in combating homophobia ' and HIV ' in Latino families.