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The Addiction Epidemic in the LGBTQ+ Community

Why self-medication is more pervasive among queer people.

Has Barebacking Become Basic?

In the age of PrEP and U=U, is condomless sex still a radical act or just an average Tuesday?

Writer Josh Kruger Just Took His Last HIV Pill

New scientific advances had him rethinking treatment and activism efforts.

How These Young, HIV-Positive Gay Men Found Each Other

"Being with other queer HIV-positive people is a liberating experience that allows a release of anxiety around status."

Making Peace With Being Single During Lonely Times

With so many diseases in the news, dating feels fraught these days. Here's how one man turned the hunt for love and sex inward.

The GOP Is Targeting People With HIV. Imagine if They Had More Power

The far right’s move to restrict PrEP access in Texas will only hurt the Latinx community — and eventually, everyone. We must act at the polls.

Why We Shouldn't Tiptoe Around Who is at Highest Risk for Monkeypox

Experts debate on whether focusing on gay and bi men will create progress or more stigma.

Dr. Anthony Fauci on Monkeypox and Where the U.S. Stands

Fauci says the government is racing to deliver more vaccines and treatment options, and warn gay men about the dangers without prompting stigmatization.

Finding Hope This National HIV Testing Day

Why this gay man living with HIV is feeling optimistic about the disease's trajectory.

Juneteenth is Something Every American Should Reflect Upon

The ripple effect of this country's violent past is still making waves to this day. But despite it all, Black folks persevere.

Anger Is Toxic, Especially for Those Living With HIV

Our wellness expert details the price we pay when we obsess over the (bad) behavior of others, and how to move past the fury monster.

Philadelphia to Honor Those It Lost to AIDS, But Not With a Statue

The city's LGBTQ+ Center will soon launch Remembrance, a living AIDS memorial that utilizes art, music, and stories. 

Still She Rises: Celebrating the Strength of Black Women

Whether fighting racism, misogyny, or HIV, Black women have always persevered in the face of adversity.

It's Time We Include Women in the Conversation Around HIV

In honor of National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day 2022, let's talk about women and HIV.

Commentary: Greg Abbott Doesn't Care About Trans Kids

This HIV advocate has something to say to the Texas governor about his anti-trans legislature. 

Daily PrEP is Good But for Many, the New Longterm Injectable is Better

An HIV expert weighs in on why the new long-lasting prevention method could help thousands put the joy back into safe sex.

A Fairer Health System Must Include a Plan to End HIV

As we mark National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, we must continue the push for a cure.

How a Dog's Love Evolved Into a Charity for Kids Living With HIV

There’s a new charitable angel, and his name is Fred.

Op-ed: This World AIDS Day, Let's Talk About Decriminalizing HIV

The continued criminalization of key populations is driving the epidemic. And it's time we start talking about it.

When Anger Turns Into Abuse

Does your partner’s irritability go to a darker place at times? Here’s how to recognize abusive behavior and take the next step.