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WATCH: #ImPositively Episode Five With Tyler Curry

HIV activist and columnist Tyler Curry talks about why 'I'm Positively Not Afraid'.

WATCH: #ImPositively Episode Four With Octavia Lewis

HIV prevention specialist and trans activist Octavia Lewis tells why 'I'm Positively Resilient'.

WATCH: #ImPositively Episode Three With Malina Fischer

Fitness enthusiast and devoted mother Malina Fischer explains why 'I'm Positively in Control'.

WATCH: #ImPositively Episode Two With Luis Oyola

Bisexual activist and educator Luis Oyola explains how and why he is 'Positively Caring'.

WATCH: #ImPositively Series Premiere With Jahlove Serrano

Stage performer and fashionista Jahlove Serrano defines why he is 'Positively A Movement'.