6 HIV/AIDS Charities Donald Trump Could Cut a Check To

The Donald issued a $5 million bounty to President Obama and cast AIDS patients as a chip in his political fight. Here we offer suggestions on where to send his cash in the off chance anyone at the White House pays attention to the reality star and failed presidential candidate.

BY Michelle Garcia

October 25 2012 4:00 AM ET

Donald Trump on Wednesday unveiled his so-called Earth-shattering announcement that was supposed to derail the Obama campaign. In dramatic fashion, the billionaire proposed donating $5 million to a charity of President Obama's choice on the condition he release college applications, transcripts, and passport history.

That $5 million bounty would be a lot for The Donald given that he isn't know for his charitable giving (if that's how one describes this arrangement). The Smoking Gun points out that Trump's foundation has given away $7.7 million during the last 21 years. 

Still, Trump had a few suggestions in his video announcement for Obama on how the bounty money could be directed to a list of causes, including AIDS research. Trump's hit NBC show, The Celebrity Apprentice, has made Trump a lot of money and meanwhile raised millions of dollars over its five seasons for charity, including several thousand dollars for HIV/AIDS charities and organizations. Based on that, we have a few suggestions for potential recipients of that hard-won $5 million check.

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