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The Switch

Can Humor Combat HIV Stigma?

“Humor is one of the best ways to combat [HIV] stigma,” says Comedian James Tison.

GMHC Specialist: HIV Treatment Adherence Is Pivotal

"Having an open and honest relationship with your doctor is important"

How I Rediscovered Empowerment After HIV, And You Can Too

“I felt like I was damaged goods for years,” says Tim MacKay.

Legendary's Savion Garcon on Living With HIV

Watch Savion Ashford Garcon of HBO Max's Legendary discuss his experience with HIV in The Switch.

How Finding Community Helps You Thrive When Living with HIV

Watch doctoral student Daniel Driffin discuss his experience with HIV in The Switch.

How Conquering Fear Can Help You Achieve Your Long-Term HIV Goals

Watch New York native Craig Washington discuss his experience with fear and not letting it control his HIV diagnosis. 

Just Diagnosed: How to Take Charge of Your HIV Care

Watch Texas native Dustin Martinez discuss the steps he took to take charge of his HIV journey. 

'New Year New You' Video Series Coming to Plus!

With the start of the New Year it’s a time to reflect on the successes on 2021, refocus, set goals, and make changes to be the best you in 2022 - and we’re here to help.