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Court rules to keep PrEP coverage under Obamacare

A lower court had ruled that requiring PrEP coverage was akin to supporting homosexuality and, therefore, a violation of religious rights. However, advocates are concerned about further legal challenges that may appear.

PrEP without a prescription now a reality in California

Governor Newsom signed a bill on Tuesday greatly increasing access to the preventative HIV medication.

The world leaders keeping HIV alive

The UN’s HIV leader says a backlash to human rights is hindering their goal of ending the disease.

Remembering Pedro Zamora During Hispanic Heritage Month

We lost the courageous HIV/AIDS activist almost 30 years ago — yet his legacy continues to inspire future generations.

Ghana's Newest Anti-LGBTQ+ Law Sparks Protests

A proposed law in the country would require citizens to report LGBTQ+ people to authorities.

Arrests Follow HIV Funding Protest at Speaker McCarthy's Office

Republicans are waffling on reauthorizing PEPFAR, which has saved millions of lives across the globe.

Tennessee Rejected HIV Funds From Feds, But The State Was Just Outsmarted

The federal funding will still find its way to people living with HIV.

20 Million Lives Have Been Saved By U.S. HIV Program, Says CDC

A recent report indicates that PEPFAR, introduced by President George W. Bush in 2004, has accounted for a 300-fold increase in HIV treatment.

Reflecting on Nancy Pelosi's Longtime Fight Against HIV

Though the outspoken representative has handed in her speaker’s gavel, her momentous HIV work will continue.

Delhi to Provide Food and Housing for HIV-Positive People

The Indian territory's government will start providing free food and housing for poverty-stricken people living with HIV.

West Virginia Officials Block Clean Needle Programs Despite HIV Outbreak

Political agendas are preventing much-needed syringe exchange programs in the state. 

Texas Refuses to Expand its Medicaid to Help Combat HIV

Researchers say communities of color will be the most affected if the expansion doesn't happen. 

South Africa to Decriminalize Sex Work to Combat HIV & Crime Against Women

The country currently has one of the highest rates of HIV diagnoses in the world.

Mpox Outbreak's Emergency Status to Officially End in 2023

Due to low case numbers, the Biden administration will let the mpox emergency declaration expire in January.

Biden Updates Plan to End HIV by 2030

On World AIDS Day this year, the White House released its new global strategy to end HIV/AIDS by 2030.

U.S. Health and Human Services Now Hiring HIV-Positive Applicants

The Public Health Service Commissioned Corps will now allow employees with hepatitis B and HIV.

San Francisco Elects First HIV-Positive Board of Supervisors Candidate

Matt Dorsey is San Francisco’s new District 6 supervisor.

Is the Military's Ban on HIV-Positive Recruits Finally Going Down?

Advocates call the current policy discriminatory and "a serious equity issue" and are suing to end it.

Dem Governor Signs Bill Punishing HIV Transmission With Prison

Advocates say such laws don't hinder transmissions, but rather promote stigma.

Russian Mercenaries Recruiting HIV-Positive Prisoners to Fight

The private military company is enlisting and marking prisoners with HIV and hepatitis C.