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Video of the Week

Yes, HIV-positive people can safely breastfeed

On a recent episode of +Talk, two experts relay the real facts about breastfeeding when living with HIV.

Justice Dept plans to reschedule marijuana as a lower-risk drug

The historic move acknowledges the medical benefits of the drug and carries broad implications.

Real Talk on How to Love and Support an HIV+ Partner

+Talk's Raif Derrazi's partner Beau Johnson opens up about loving someone living with HIV.

VIDEO: How Do HIV Activists Balance Their Own Mental Health & Wellness?

Yoga, wellness, and HIV advocate Felice Marano opens up about activism burnout and more.

Don't Forget About Women Living With HIV in the U.S.

Entrepreneur Lynette Trawick is bringing awareness around women and HIV.

VIDEO: HIV Activist & Survivor Martina Clark's New Memoir

In this exclusive clip, Clark discusses her new book with fellow HIV advocate Karl Schmid.

Video of the Week Tackles Empowerment in Dominican Republic

Set in an area hit hard by HIV, "I'm in Control" is uplifting and sultry.