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15 Ways to Live to be 100 When You Have HIV

The average poz person diagnosed today is expected to live to be 80. Follow these guidelines and you could hit the century mark.


La Familia Bonita

Family is central in the Latinx community: so it needs to play a central role in addressing the HIV epidemic and fighting stigma.

Why Michael Weinstein Is Blamed for PrEP Myths

Michael Weinstein was a pioneer in fighting the stigma around HIV since the early 1980s. So why are people so upset with his activism these days?

Getting Back To Work

Longer lives with HIV mean a reinvigorated workforce. This NYC group is out to help

HIV-Positive Prisoner Forced in to Solitary for Three Months After Being Abused

An prison officer told him he would be placed in solitary confinement overnight. His stay there ended up lasting about 75 consecutive nights.

HIV on Black College Campuses

How historically black colleges and universities are trying to stop the spread of HIV at their schools and beyond.


Scientists Discover Women's Lady Parts More Susceptible to HIV Than Thought

This new study shows to truly protect women from HIV, the entire reproductive tract needs to be considered.

Pharmacy Gives Man Wrong HIV Meds for Six Months

Are some pharmacies too big to get the simplest prescriptions right?

The Doctor's Star Rachael Ross: HIV Testing Can Lead to Better Orgasms

Rachael Ross, an Indiana family physician, sexologist, and recurring cohost of TV’s The Doctors, has a message for anyone having sex, but especially women: Knowing your status equals more orgasms.

Superstar Pam Grier Wants You To Eat Out Next Week

Actress turned horse rancher Pam Grier says food can bring us together and help raise money for people living with HIV.

20 Proven Ways to Get Young People to Talk HIV

The first step in eradicating HIV? Talking about it. One group has a captivating way to help do just that.

Everything You Need to Know About PrEP

The 411 on the drug regime that HIV-negative people can take to prevent infection.


Four Ways to Pay for Your HIV Meds Now

Don’t let the steep costs of HIV drugs prevent you from receiving the medication you need.

Everything You Need to Know About Getting Pregnant

What to expect before, during, and after you're expecting your own little bundle of joy.


Some Advice for Leto & McConaughey's Potential Oscar Speeches

Will Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey sing a different tune from their Golden Globe speeches, if they win the Oscar for their roles in Dallas Buyers Club?

Tonight on PBS: How to Survive a Plague

How to Survive a Plague, the preeminent documentary examining the early HIV activism movement, airs tonight on PBS. David France's film is a must-see for many reasons. Here's a look at major moments in the fight to end HIV and AIDS.

Our Morning-After Pill?

It's been in the news lately, but few know how PEP really works.

Nelson Mandela, HIV Advocate and Humanitarian, Dies at 95

After a long battle with illness, Nelson Mandela passed away Thursday.

Why You Need to Know your CD4 Count Now

Knowing your count as soon as you're diagnosed may help doctors prevent your infection from increasing.

How to Find the Right Doctor if You're HIV-Positive

Finding the right physician now will affect your health for years to come. Here’s how to do it.