WATCH: On Raising Kids With HIV

WATCH: On Raising Kids With HIV

In honor of LGBT Pride month, the video-based parenting website Kids In The House has put together a video playlist dealing with LGBT issues like harassment, learning acceptance, LGBT teens and depression, same-sex adoption processes, gender roles, and much more. The LGBT Pride playlist, which is among Kids In The House's 8,000 videos from 450 experts, includes videos from notable same-sex parents and adoption experts including Billy Horn and Scout Masterson of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood and Wendy Walsh, cohost of the hit CBS show The Doctors.

In addition to the videos aimed at LGBT kids or parents, is a nice selection of videos about children and HIV, including issues that speak to many parents like overcoming adversitity and how to tell if your kid is being bullied as well as adopting a child with HIV and when or how to disclose to the school if your child is positive. 

Here are a few of our favorites.


Langka Treadwell, adoptive mother of 7, discusses the process of disclosing your children's HIV status to the school.



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