David Artavia

His ignorance is clear, and it's doing excessive amounts of harm for poz people. 

May 18 2018 1:41 PM

ViiV Healthcare's ACCELERATE! Initiative brings to life the real stories of Black men affected by HIV. 

May 11 2018 7:01 PM

In legal documents, the movie star bites back at claims saying he failed to disclose his status. 

May 08 2018 2:08 PM

New study shows HIV can hide inside testicles for years, remaining protected from your immune system, even while on treatment.

May 08 2018 5:00 AM

The "newspaper of record" acknowledges their poor reporting of the epidemic over the years. 

May 04 2018 4:48 AM

Singer/Songwriter and Yoga Educator Rocky Heron shares five essential tips for living healthy with HIV.

April 26 2018 1:53 PM