Stress and the City

BY HIV Plus Editors

October 29 2009 12:00 AM ET

Feeling more stressed-out these days? Part of the reason could be where you live, according to a study reported by A review of stress factors'including unemployment rates, cost-of-living estimates, median home prices, population density, and weather data for the 40 largest U.S. metro areas'has shown that, unfortunately, cities home to large numbers of HIVers also rank high for stress. Here's how the top 10 stack up:

1) Chicago
2) Los Angeles
3) New York City
4) Cleveland
5) Providence, R.I.
6) San Francisco
7) Detroit
8) Boston
9) Washington, D.C.
10) San Jose, Calif.

And that reputation of California being stress-free? Forget it, according to the study. In addition to placing three cities in the top 10, San Diego, Sacramento, and Riverside help to round out the top 16.

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