HIV Plus Editors

Episode 4 of the My Health, My Way series featuring HIV specialist, Dr. Derrick Butler​

10:52 AM

For 2018, Plus has shaken things up, focusing our guide on the information you are most likely looking for. Here are the most common medications approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of HIV and opportunistic infections.

July 05 2018 12:58 PM

Episode 3 of the My Health, My Way series featuring relationship expert, Tricia Kayiatos-Smith​​

July 02 2018 3:40 PM

Unwilling to hide his HIV+ status, entertainment reporter Karl Schmid came out to broad acclaim this year. We talk with the red carpet host about his career, deciding to disclose, and what's next on his rise to the top. PLUS: Our Annual HIV Treatment Guide looks at the most commonly prescribed HIV medications, newly approved drugs, treatments coming down the pipeline, and talking to your doc. Meanwhile, model and athlete Jack Mackenroth bares his soul (and more).

June 12 2018 5:00 AM

Move over, Freddy Krueger. Real-life sleep disorders are giving people nightmares—and worse!

May 30 2018 8:01 PM