Dr Gary McLain

Plus magazine’s mental health editor, Gary McClain, talks every day about HIV and aging, fielding questions from long-term survivors. Here’s his advice.

February 13 2018 6:41 AM

I don’t always tell my doctor the whole truth. She doesn't need to know everything, does she?

February 26 2016 5:00 AM

I’ve had HIV for 30 years and because of it I’ve had lipodystrophy. I want to have fillers injected in my face but my friends tell me I’m being overly obsessive about my sunken cheeks. What do you think? — Adam

January 08 2015 4:00 AM

I want to finally go on meds, but I haven’t told anyone I’m HIV-positive. How do I keep the prescription bottles hidden? Should I lie and say I have something else? — Maria

January 08 2015 4:00 AM