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At risk for syphilis or chlamydia? There’s a PEP for that

Doxycycline may be the next frontier for queer men and trans women at high risk for certain STIs.

Diets that mimic fasting reverse aging: study

Recent research finds that periodic fasting-like diets can reduce a person's risk of disease and biological age.

The latest on an HIV vaccine

Many scientists are undeterred in the effort to prevent HIV without a lifetime of medication.

Gene Therapies Show Promise for HIV Elimination

A study in HIV-positive humanized mice was 60 percent effective as opposed to the 29 percent efficacy in previous studies.

HIV Cure: Latest Clues From Primates

A new study delves into how stem cell transplantation can kill the virus behind AIDS.

Despite Racial Inequity, U.S. Sees Drop in HIV Infections

Young people are driving the reduction.

How Does Marijuana Affect HIV?

Researchers will study benefits and cognitive decline among people living with HIv.

High Schoolers Make Headway in HIV Research

Students in Philadelphia proved anybody has what it takes to be a scientist,

Still Puffing? New Help for Smokers Living With HIV

Smoking is particularly dangerous for people living with HIV.

HIV Medication Could Slow Dementia

The drug clears toxic brain proteins and had positive results in mice.

Leading HIV Scientist Opens Up About Her Fight Against the Virus

Kundai Chinyenze leads a global initiative that refuses to stop until a vaccine is found.

New Plant-Based Ingredient Could Advance HIV Treatment

The plant-based compound could be a potential HIV treatment used in combination with ART.

HIV-Positive Children May Have Auditory Differences

A new study indicates that some children with HIV were found to have lower auditory responses than those without.

Researchers Test Quick-Dissolving Rectal PrEP for HIV Prevention

The Phase 1 trial shows the new method could be a very viable option for preventing HIV transmission.

Treatment-Resistant HIV May Have Met Its Match

A new study shows hope for the 10 percent of HIV-positive patients who cannot rely on initial treatment meds.

PrEP Implant May Fully Protect Against HIV: Report

A study involving macaques showed the injectable implant as fully effective at preventing HIV.

HIV Vaccine Hopes Dashed

The first Phase 3 trial for a potential HIV vaccine has ended in disappointment.

Effort on to Tackle Emphysema in People Living With HIV

Nearly 30 percent of HIV-positive people develop the lung disease in their lifetime.

New HIV Vaccine Trial Shows Extreme Promise

The vaccine uses an engineered protein from within the virus.

Older People Living With HIV Get Much-Needed Boost

A new effort will help elderly people with HIV live healthier lives less impacted by chronic illness.