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This OnlyFans Star Is Trying to Raise $100K to Fight HIV

Kyle Krieger will be devoting some of his OF proceeds to AIDS/LifeCycle 2024.

The FDA's Blood Ban Reflects Outdated View of HIV, Gay Men

The government agency needs to completely rescind restrictions on gay and bi donors.

Gilead Announces $20M Fund to Help Nonprofits Survive the Pandemic

The relief fund, Gilead CARES, will share the donations across various organizations. 

FDA Finally Loosens Rules for Gay, Bi Male Blood Donors

The FDA now recommends that gay and bi men be allowed to donate blood after three months of sexual abstinence, not 12 as previously allowed.

Gay Film, Massive Artwork, Campaign Tackles Blood Equality

If Orlando showed us one thing, it was that love is love. The ensuing outcry over who could give blood raised the question: Why in this day and age, isn't all blood created equal? Enter the Blood Equality campaign.

Apple Helps Raise Over $65 Million for HIV and AIDS

The money will fund HIV and AIDS relief in Africa.