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A Delicious Proposition

Raise money for HIV by going out to dinner!

Watch: Mondo on 15 Years Poz, Yarn Bombing, And Designing for Real Women

The Project Runway fashion designer talks with Plus magazine at the U.S. Conference on AIDS.

Project Runway's Mondo Guerra on Food, Fashion, Tim Gunn's HIV Concerns, and the 'Cutest Boy Ever'

Project Runway’s Mondo Guerra talks love, food, fashion, his role on Lifetime’s Under the Gunn, and his work with Dining Out for Life, a foodie fundraiser for HIV and AIDS

Mondo's Craziest Outfits From This Season of 'Under the Gunn'

It's Mondo Guerra weekend at HIV Plus, so in honor we've pulled together his best outfits from this season of Under the Gunn.

The Six Best Video Moments With Project Runway's Mondo Guerra

An activist and designer, Mondo Guerra has show the world what it's like to live with HIV.