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Russians Fake HIV to Evade Draft

A fake diagnosis costs $620.

Russian Mercenaries Recruiting HIV-Positive Prisoners to Fight

The private military company is enlisting and marking prisoners with HIV and hepatitis C.

Let's Talk About Putin's Deadly Silence on HIV in Russia

The Russian dictator fiddles while HIV rages his country, and his silence is deafening. 

Gay Website That Provides HIV Info Targeted by Russian Censors

ParniPlus, which offers not only LGBT news but HIV information, is targeted by Russia's censors.

Russian Government Blames its Citizens — and Condoms — for HIV Epidemic

 With a million Russians already living with HIV, government inaction allows the HIV crisis to deepen. 

Elton John Sticks it to Russia's Antigay Law in Front of Thousands

Invoking Tchaikovsky, Tim Cook, and even the iPad, pop's megastar minced no words in calling out the absurd brutality of Russia's ban on so-called homosexual propaganda during a concert in St. Petersburg.

Could This Siberian Mushroom Stop HIV?

Scientists from a research lab in Siberia believe a strain of mushroom is capable of combating HIV.