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Research & Breakthroughs

At risk for syphilis or chlamydia? There’s a PEP for that

Doxycycline may be the next frontier for queer men and trans women at high risk for certain STIs.

HIV Cure: Latest Clues From Primates

A new study delves into how stem cell transplantation can kill the virus behind AIDS.

World HIV/AIDS Vaccine Day Reminds of the Importance of Inclusion

When searching for the cure for HIV, it’s imperative to include disproportionately affected communities in drug trials to ensure a vaccine for everybody.

High Schoolers Make Headway in HIV Research

Students in Philadelphia proved anybody has what it takes to be a scientist,

Still Puffing? New Help for Smokers Living With HIV

Smoking is particularly dangerous for people living with HIV.

HIV Medication Could Slow Dementia

The drug clears toxic brain proteins and had positive results in mice.

Leading HIV Scientist Opens Up About Her Fight Against the Virus

Kundai Chinyenze leads a global initiative that refuses to stop until a vaccine is found.

Man Cured of HIV Speaks Out

Paul Edmonds, the fifth person to be cured via a stem cell transplant, recently opened up about his experience.

Treatment-Resistant HIV May Have Met Its Match

A new study shows hope for the 10 percent of HIV-positive patients who cannot rely on initial treatment meds.

HIV Vaccine Hopes Dashed

The first Phase 3 trial for a potential HIV vaccine has ended in disappointment.

New HIV Vaccine Trial Shows Extreme Promise

The vaccine uses an engineered protein from within the virus.

Gilead Funds Research for Combined HIV-COVID Care

Gilead Sciences has backed George Washington University for the 18-month initiative.

A Better Understanding of HIV's Effect on the Immune System

Canadian researchers look at how non-neutralizing antibodies affect the virus.


Biktarvy Breakthrough: New Data Proves It's Effective for Those With Hep B & HIV

Recent research shows the popular HIV treatment drug is a safe and highly effective treatment option for those also living with hepatitis B.

New Data from Gilead Continues to Prove Biktarvy's Many Benefits

The drug company revealed promising long-term data at the 2022 Glasgow HIV conference, including news on cure development.

Windfall: Big City HIV Health Center Getting New Research Facility

A government grant will fund an HIV-focused biomedical research space at Whitman-Walker Health.

New DNA ‘Cutting’ Technology May Be a Path to HIV Cure

Here’s the latest on a genetic editing technique with the potential to permanently eliminate HIV from the body. 

Has a Woman Really Been "Cured" of HIV for the First Time Ever?

A woman is in HIV “remission” due to a rare and risky procedure but the White House's Dr. Anthony Fauci warns this method can't be “applied to the 36 million who are living with HIV.”

Yes, There is a New Strain of HIV. And No, it’s Not Cause for Alarm.

Though the “highly virulent” strain was just identified, it’s actually been around since the ’90s and is easily controlled by HIV treatment.

2021's Amazing People of the Year: Writer and Researcher Marc Wagner

Longtime survivor Marc Wagner has dedicated his life to aiding the HIV research community.