HIV 101: Does Being Positive Mean I Have to Stop Having Sex?

Everyone has questions when they find out they are positive. In this series of posts, here are several of the most common, plus straightforward answers to help you navigate this new life of yours.

BY Diane Anderson-Minshall

March 12 2014 9:02 AM ET UPDATED: April 21 2014 4:49 PM ET

No, not unless you want to. But we encourage you not to stop. Orgasms can be wonder drugs in themselves: They help you sleep, boost your immunoglobulin levels (which fight infections), and reduce stress and depression. There are ways to protect yourself and your partner, including consistent condom use, PrEP, serosorting, and keeping your viral load undetectable. (Get the deets for gay and bi men in this article, "Condoms Aren't the Only Answer;" for women, many of these stats still apply.) One tip: If you use lube during vaginal or anal sex, avoid two ingredients: polyquaternium and polyquaternium-15, both types of polymers, which may increase the possibility of HIV transmission.