20 Proven Ways to Get Young People to Talk HIV

The first step in eradicating HIV? Talking about it. One group has a captivating way to help do just that.

BY Michelle Garcia

April 08 2014 11:17 AM ET

Our friends over at the Stigma Project, a small organization that releases social media–friendly messages around HIV, has definitely had a big impact (more than 3 million people around the world have seen at least one of its images). Now the group is hosting its first official fundraiser this month in Los Angeles (get tickets or donate here), and so we're looking back at its success so far.

Stigma Project graphics consistently go viral on social media outlets, thanks to a strategy that blend new media and pop culture. Just how viral? Here are its 20 most successful ads and the number of Facebook users each as reached:

1. Cheat Sheet #1: HIV vs. AIDS
Campaign: HIV Talk
Reached:  437,094


2. We’re Not in 1984 Anymore, Toto
Campaign: Live HIV Neutral
Reached: 361,901


3. Cheat Sheet #2: HIV Disclosure Etiquette
Campaign: HIV Talk
Reached:  324,331


4. Stand Strong With Sharp
Campaign: N/A
Reached: 252,195


5. I Am HIV Neutral
Campaign: Live HIV Neutral
Reached:  183,963

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