Affordable Care Act

Copay accumulator leaves patients unable to afford the medicines they need. 

August 28 2018 6:34 AM

He hated the ACA but he also saved it.

August 27 2018 11:25 AM

Purdue Pharma produced thousands of brochures and videos that urged patients with chronic pain to ask their physicians for opioids such as OxyContin.

August 20 2018 11:02 AM

A president like Trump — intent on legalizing LGBTQ discrimination in hospitals and doctors' offices — makes it apparent we need federal legislation to protect us.

August 08 2018 1:42 PM

Pharma’s promises to curb drug prices have been heard before.

July 30 2018 12:56 AM

The agency overseeing refugees plans on using federal funds for HIV patients to cover its xenophobic policy.


July 11 2018 4:49 PM

A Kaiser Family Foundation study determines PLHIV may be denied Short Term Limited Duration insurance.

June 29 2018 4:20 AM