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Affordable Care Act

Before the ACA, I Had to Choose Between Taking My Meds and Eating

If the Supreme Court wipes out the Affordable Care Act, I will probably die.

The Affordable Care Act Saved My Life

As a survivor of domestic violence, HIV, and depression,Thamicha Issac is grateful for the Affordable Care Act.

What Do Americans Mean By ‘Medicare-For-All’?

How does the U.S. health system differs from others around the world?

The Election's Impact On Health Care: Some Bellwether Races To Watch

Voters this year have told pollsters in no uncertain terms that health care is important to them.

Candidates Who Voted To Repeal The Affordable Care Act Are In Trouble

Republicans may pay for having tried to reverse the health law.

Trump’s Drive To Tighten Immigration Overlooks Need For Doctors

Most newly accredited medical licences in the US go to foreign born citizens.

We Can Access Data Galore, But Try Getting Your Own Medical Records

Medical records can be hard for patients to get, even in this digital information age. 

Gavin Newsom Is Bullish On Single-Payer

Except when he’s not.

Trump Says TV Ads Must Reveal Drug Prices

Drug pricing is a top issue in the run-up to the midterm elections.

You’re Insured But Still Owe $109K For Your Heart Attack

It's a jolt to the jugular that's happening all too often nowadays.

How Insurers Are Harming Poz People

Copay accumulator leaves patients unable to afford the medicines they need. 

McCain’s Complicated Health Care Legacy

He hated the ACA but he also saved it.

Purdue Pharma’s Sales Pitch Downplayed Risks Of Opioid Addiction

Purdue Pharma produced thousands of brochures and videos that urged patients with chronic pain to ask their physicians for opioids such as OxyContin.

Trump’s Health Care Rules a Prescription for Disaster

A president like Trump — intent on legalizing LGBTQ discrimination in hospitals and doctors' offices — makes it apparent we need federal legislation to protect us.

HIV and Big Pharma: Déjà Voodoo

Pharma’s promises to curb drug prices have been heard before.

Trump To Reallocate HIV Funds To Pay for Family Separation

The agency overseeing refugees plans on using federal funds for HIV patients to cover its xenophobic policy.


Short-Term Emergency Insurance May Deny People With HIV

A Kaiser Family Foundation study determines PLHIV may be denied Short Term Limited Duration insurance.