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How These Young, HIV-Positive Gay Men Found Each Other

"Being with other queer HIV-positive people is a liberating experience that allows a release of anxiety around status."

Mexico City's Underground Sex Scene Is HIV Friendly

Locating the underground barrier free sex scene requires a bit more investigation and you’re not likely to find it on Tripadvisor.

Is Having HIV a Death Sentence?

Hornet's latest 'Ask a Pro' video addresses the commonly held misconception.

When Pearl-Clutching Goes Wrong

Some people are more shocked over a word than the fact that gay and bisexual men of color continue to contract HIV at alarming rates.

Made In Taiwan

Growing acceptance of LGBT people hasn’t stopped the rise of HIV among Taiwan’s gay men.

It’s Time to Change December First to World HIV Day

December 1st is here and another World AIDS Day is upon on. It would be easy to add a red ribbon to your profile or tweet an article about the epidemic but maybe the most important thing we can do is ask ourselves what this day really means.