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Love & Sex

Pornhub Reports Explosion in Searches for Transgender Content

Advocates worry about fetishization of the marginalized group.

Sniffies Names the Horniest City in the U.S.

The app used “raw data” to show when, where, and how people use it.

MISTR Partners With Willam, Jackie Beat for Chillingly Sexy Music Video

The wonderfully raunchy holiday clip promotes STI testing and treatment.

Making Peace With Being Single During Lonely Times

With so many diseases in the news, dating feels fraught these days. Here's how one man turned the hunt for love and sex inward.

21 Rimming Tips Everyone Should Know

Gay sex writer Alex Cheves offers advice for those who love playing in the backyard.

When Anger Turns Into Abuse

Does your partner’s irritability go to a darker place at times? Here’s how to recognize abusive behavior and take the next step.

Oral Sex and Infections: Everything You Need to Know

Whether It's the common cold, the flu, or an STI, how possible is it to catch an infectious disease during oral sex?

Rocco Steele Is Ready to Do 'Just Oral' With You

Trinity the Tuck, Matthew Camp, Pierce Paris, and more are set to join.

How Many Relationships Has HIV Stigma Destroyed?

Ten years ago, a serodiscordant relationship withered. Now, the concept of undetectable equals untransmittable may overcome HIV paranoia.

How to Ignite Your Post-Pandemic Sex Life

Sexual expert Dr. Jess O’Reilly offers helpful tips for how people living with HIV can safely resume their love lives.

Plus 142 May June Issue: Sex Tips, Rocker Dizz on Owning Your Status

Plus's next issue highlights the concept of U=U and offers tips for jumping back into sex and dating post-quarantine.

A New Kind of Gay Adult Film: Sex With a Message

A new adult film from Kayden Gray, Bishop Black, and Bianca Del Rio (!) seamlessly incorporates sex-positive messaging about U=U.

Spring Fever: Lessons for Getting Back Into Online Dating

COVID vaccines and warmer weather may have you rushing back to Tinder or Hinge. Here's how not to lose your head.

Plus 141 March April Issue: Dr. Daskalakis's CDC Job, Sinful Pleasures

The spring issue of Plus covers changes at the Centers for Disease Control, a powerful new HIV series, and the latest info on COVID vaccines.

Can Oral Sex Give You Cancer?

A new study says, 'maybe.'

Let's Write About Sex

Alex Cheves gained a following authoring candid articles about sex and HIV in national magazines and his blog, Love, Beastly. Now signed to a book deal, the gay journalist tells us what it’s like to share your innermost fears and fetishes with the world. 

Why Am I So Angry?

Plus columnist Gary McClain responds to a reader feeling guilty about blowing up at his partner.    

Gay Teens of Color Have Sex Earlier Than Straight Peers, Study Finds

New research underscores the need for earlier HIV testing and LGBTQ+-inclusive sex education.

Study: One-Quarter of UK Gay, Bi Men Had Casual Sex During Lockdown

A new study finds many, but not all, queer men abstained during the early months of the pandemic.