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Can HIV Drugs Cause Heart Problems?

An antibiotic commonly prescribed to treat an HIV-related illness might cause coronary problems years later.

Can Methadone Lower Viral Loads?

Can a drug used to fight addiction also make HIV virals load fall?

Is HIV Transmission Different for Women?

Investigators took a deeper look into what happens when women contract HIV during male-to-female sex.

The Growing Pains That Come with Aging with HIV

The aches in your joints and muscles aren’t just in your imagination.

Med That Curbs Alcohol Addiction Also Improves Viral Suppression

Study suggests a medication that fights addiction could also improve viral suppression of HIV.

Two Drug HIV Regimen Has Fewer Side Effects

A two-drug regimen for those just starting treatment has moved closer to FDA approval.

One Million Dollars For HIV

That’s how much Indiana will get to feed those living with HIV.

Keeping It On the Low Leads To Higher Risk of HIV

Straight-identified men who have sex with men underestimate their risk of HIV, even more than out gay and bi men do.

When Will HIV Be Stopped With a Shot?

Promising new research thrusts HIV vaccines into the spotlight.

Book Chronicles HIV in Botswana

One Life at a Time: An American Doctor’s Memoir of AIDS in Botswana tells a tale of what one American doctor encountered as the epidemic tore through the African nation.

Mouse Study: Memory Problems Observed In About Half With HIV

The study points out there’s new hope for people.

New Treatment Effective Against Advanced Drug-Resistant HIV

Ibalizumab is designed to help when other drugs fail.

Chicago's HIV Prevention Justice Alliance Shutters Its Doors

The network that strived for equity and inclusivity is coming to an close.

Aspirin May Prevent HIV Transmission in Women

Popping an aspirin may prevent HIV.

Can Poz People Beat Alcoholism With A Drug?

Reducing the urge with a boost of naltrexone could be a giant leap forward. 

Methadone Treatment Linked To Lower Viral Loads

In a win-win, HIV-positive people might benefit tremendously while on methadone.


Poor Hospital Conditions Can Increase Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission

New findings expose glaring gaps in eleven Atlanta based hospitals that could contribute to an increase in vertical HIV transmissions.

Can Genetically Modified Rice Help to Prevent HIV?

Researchers found an unusual approach to HIV prevention.

HIV Rates Drop in South Africa, Coinciding with Mandela's Centenary

New HIV transmission rates are down in the African country, but does it make up for Madiba's early missteps?

Gay And Bi Men On PrEP More Likely To Test Positive For STIs

Researchers argue it's not because they're having more sex, but rather because they're getting tested more often.