Benjamin M. Adams

Commercial drone delivery is both exciting and terrifying, but in two East African nations, it's saving lives. 

September 05 2017 5:00 AM

Switching from efavirenz to raltegravir leads to significant improvements in fatty liver disease in people with HIV.

5:00 AM

Antonio Reyes-Minana deceptively told his lover that he was HIV-negative.

August 17 2017 7:00 AM

The federal HIV housing program is crucial to keeping people off the streets.

August 09 2017 5:00 AM

Syphilis infection rates recently hit the highest peak in 20 years, and the rise of infection can be linked to dating apps.

July 17 2017 7:00 AM

It's time to let go HIV's lingering plague status and reclassify HIV as a common treatable virus.

July 13 2017 7:44 AM

Losing coverage for HIV medication can be nerve-racking. Take our word for it.

July 03 2017 7:00 AM