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Benjamin M. Adams

An antibiotic commonly prescribed to treat an HIV-related illness might cause coronary problems years later.

February 01 2019 9:14 AM

Can a drug used to fight addiction also make HIV virals load fall?

December 26 2018 5:00 AM

Investigators took a deeper look into what happens when women contract HIV during male-to-female sex.

December 19 2018 6:27 AM

The aches in your joints and muscles aren’t just in your imagination.

5:00 AM

Study suggests a medication that fights addiction could also improve viral suppression of HIV.

September 24 2018 7:00 AM

A two-drug regimen for those just starting treatment has moved closer to FDA approval.

September 18 2018 5:31 AM

That’s how much Indiana will get to feed those living with HIV.

September 12 2018 12:58 AM