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Our May/June issue of Plus is here!

The issue includes some real talk from cover star Todrick Hall, Elton's Oscar party pics, Oprah's endorsement of U=U, and more.

2023 Treatment Guide: HIV Drug Classes

Learn about how the different HIV drug classes control the virus in distinct ways.

How the U=U Movement Changed Sex for Everyone

Reflecting on seven years of undetectable equals untransmittable.

New Research Shows Long-Acting Injectable is Preferable to Pills

Ninety percent of study participants preferred the every-two-month HIV treatment regimen over taking a daily pill.

National Guard Boots HIV-Positive Military Cadet

The unnamed Vermont student filed suit against the Department of Defense and the Vermont National Guard.

Landmark Court Victory: Military Can't Boot People With HIV

The rulings found Pentagon policies were at odds with medical science and modern treatment.

In Just 5 Years, Undetectable=Untransmittable Changed History

The U=U movement has improved the lives of both HIV-positive and HIV-negative individuals. The people behind the campaign tell us where it's going next.

Report: Less Than Half of Americans Understand HIV

Only 42 percent of respondents in the survey knew HIV wasn't transmissible when properly treated. 

How Many Relationships Has HIV Stigma Destroyed?

Ten years ago, a serodiscordant relationship withered. Now, the concept of undetectable equals untransmittable may overcome HIV paranoia.

Musician Dizz Offers a Masterclass on Owning Your HIV Status

The Canadian pop star turned fear and guilt into determination and inspiration.

Plus 142 May June Issue: Sex Tips, Rocker Dizz on Owning Your Status

Plus's next issue highlights the concept of U=U and offers tips for jumping back into sex and dating post-quarantine.

A New Kind of Gay Adult Film: Sex With a Message

A new adult film from Kayden Gray, Bishop Black, and Bianca Del Rio (!) seamlessly incorporates sex-positive messaging about U=U.

Talking to Your Doctor About U=U Is Good for Your Health

People living with HIV are growing more comfortable discussing undetectability with their health professionals.

WATCH: Meet the 100-Year Old Man Living with HIV

Celebrating a 100th birthday would be a huge milestone for anyone — let alone the oldest documented person living with HIV in the world.

This Colorado Housewife Is Challenging Stigma One Podcast At A Time

Davina Conner's podcast helps women and moms with HIV cope.

#12 Of Our Amazing People Living with HIV: Kneeshe Parkinson

This long-term survivor has been a leading HIV specialist in St. Louis for decades.

Can Methadone Lower Viral Loads?

Can a drug used to fight addiction also make HIV virals load fall?

Canada Becomes First Country To Endorse U=U

Canada signed on to the global campaign that will directly improve the lives of people living with HIV and reduce stigma.


Beautiful U=U Campaign Aims To Educate Health Officials

The Prevention Access Campaign is hoping to make "U=U" a household name.