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This president wants to kill gay people by public stoning

And "doing so would not be a crime," says the Burundi leader who also recently had several HIV activists arrested.

Nasty Pig's Cofounder Reflects on Love, Sex & World AIDS Day

David Lauterstein opens up about the AIDS epidemic, kink pride, and rubber chaps.

Is Grindr the Sexy New Linkedin?

A survey finds a quarter of users are on the gay dating app to network, including Grindr's own CEO.

New Research Shows Early Anal Lesion Treatment Reduces Cancer Risk

The large study’s results is good news for those at elevated risk of anal cancer.

Man Charged With Running $230 Million Fake HIV Drug Ring Out on Bail

Lazaro Hernandez is facing 100 years in jail, but a judge released him just in time for the holiday weekend.

CDC Recommends Vaccination in Deadly Florida Meningococcal Outbreak

Authorities report 24 cases and six deaths among gay and bisexual men in one of the worst outbreaks of the disease in U.S. history.

Florida Man Indicted for Running $230 Million HIV Drug Ring

Authorities say the man faces 100 years in prison for allegedly selling altered, repackaged HIV medications to unsuspecting pharmacies.

Don’t Miss the Largest Display of AIDS Memorial Quilt in a Decade

The display in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park will include many of the Quilt’s original handsewn panels, but for two days only.

Kristine Gebbie, the U.S.'s First AIDS Czar, Has Passed at 78

The former nurse served in numerous public roles before spearheading the nation’s response to the AIDS crisis.

Can You Get Thrush on Your Penis?

Here’s everything you need to know about the harsh realities of penile thrush.

5 Things You Should Know About Meningococcal Vaccines

Meningococcal disease can serious and life-threatening even when treated in time. Here's what you need to know.

First U.S. Monkeypox Case Confirmed, with Gay Men Especially at Risk

The disease has been identified in nations like Canada, Britain, and now, the U.S.

Gay & Bi Men at Risk as Outbreak of Monkeypox Hits U.K.

The rare and deadly disease is an endemic in Western Africa, but far less common elsewhere.

PrEP Use Has Not Increased Hep-C in Australian Gay and Bi Men

The latest research has relieved fears that use of the HIV prevention method would cause an uptick in Hepatitis-C rates.

A Pioneer in Gay Men's Health Care Passes Away

Dr. Anthony Scarsella was the last surviving member of a historic group that centered the health care needs of gay men and folks living with HIV.

Indiana Town Sued for Denying Job to Candidate Living With HIV

The town retracted a job offer in their police department after the candidate revealed their HIV status. Now the Department of Justice is suing.

What the Heck is Vaginal Thrush (or Vaginal Candidas)?

The 101 on this common condition and how to treat it.

What is Oral Thrush or Candidas?

Here’s what you need to know to identify, treat, and prevent oral yeast infections.

Man Injects Cocaine Into Penis, Suffers Inevitable Results

The man told doctors he had injected cocaine into his penis twice before with no ill effect.

Landmark Court Victory: Military Can't Boot People With HIV

The rulings found Pentagon policies were at odds with medical science and modern treatment.