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World News

This HIV Organization Just Shut Its Doors After 30 Years

The nonprofit cited “significant challenges” behind the “incredibly difficult decision” to close.

Nation Convicts Man of 'Stealthing' Partner During Sex

A Dutch man was convicted of removing his condom during sex without permission.

At Gay Party, New Zealand's New Leader Commits to Ending HIV

Prime Minister Chris Hipkins unveiled a plan of action after his first visit to Auckland’s Big Gay Out.

Young HIV-Positive Indian Boy Beats Inherited Blood Disorder

The 7-year-old became the first successful high-risk bone marrow transplant in India.

Delhi to Provide Food and Housing for HIV-Positive People

The Indian territory's government will start providing free food and housing for poverty-stricken people living with HIV.

Man Injects Ex-Wife with HIV-Positive Blood

The man told police the attack was inspired by a TV show. 

End Sterilization of HIV-Positive Women, Court Rules

The decision was cheered by HIV activists and a Kenyan woman coerced into a drastic and unnecessary procedure.

How One Country Brought Down Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission

The success was in a nation where women living with HIV outnumber men.

Is an HIV Catastrophe Coming to Europe?

A report finds that HIV infections there are outstripping diagnoses.

World AIDS Day 2022: What is the Current Global State of HIV?

This World AIDS Day, look outside your own experience and see that HIV remains an emergency in much of the world. 

This African Nation Just Hit an HIV Milestone

Nearly all HIV-positive people in the country are now undetectable.


YouTube Prayer Channel Started During COVID Has Become a Global Movement

Nigerian pastor Jerry Eze, who has a background in HIV advocacy, and his messages of hope have gone viral on the social media platform. 

Monkeypox Sufferer's Roommate Forced Into Quarantine

Many countries are struggling with protocols as the outbreak grows.

VIDEO: Protesters at AIDS 2022 Call Out Canada as "Racist Country"

Activists express outrage after many African delegates were denied entry and could not attend the international HIV conference. 

Monkeypox: Gay Men Should Reduce Sexual Partners, Advises WHO

The World Health Organization reports that 98 percent of confirmed cases are among men who have sex with men.

Monkeypox Declared a Global Health Emergency, WHO Announces

There have been almost 17,000 cases confirmed globally across more than 70 countries, with many cases among gay and bi men. 

Monkeypox Vaccine Supply to Expand by Thousands

The federal government is about to distribute 296,000 doses of the JYNNEOS vaccine, used against an outbreak concentrated among gay and bi men. 

Gay Gatherings in Spain Being Blamed for Monkeypox Outbreak

Some experts are saying a gay pride event could be the possible source of the recent outbreak of cases in Europe.

Is Untreated HIV the Cause of the Omicron Variant?

Some experts see a connection between the high rates of South Africans with untreated HIV and the latest COVID variant.