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We Still Prosecute HIV Without Addressing How It's Spread

Michael Johnson's conviction for spreading HIV has been overturned, but the criminal justice system still has not eliminated risk within prisons. 

Watch HIV Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli Get Trolled (Video)

"What do you like better? East Coast rap or HIV turning into full-blown AIDS?" the interviewer asks.

Greg Louganis Will Finally Get His Wheaties Box

The out, HIV-positive diving champion will appear on the iconic orange cereal box in a dramatic inward pike position, folded in half in mid-air. 

Rentboy CEO Indicted on Sex and Money Charges

Seven suspects were arrested in connection with the hookup website but only the founding CEO failed to reach a plea agreement. 

David Bowie Dead at 69

The legendary gender-bending bisexual British musician succumbed to cancer just days after his birthday.

Man Behind $750 Pill Blew $2M on Album

Drug price-gouger Martin Shkreli spent $2 Million on the only copy of the latest Wu-Tang Clan album — but hasn't even listened to it.

Gay Soldier Claims Colonel Disclosed his HIV Status to Colleagues

A list of HIV positive servicemembers circulated in the Army office where this man worked.

BREAKING: Charlie Sheen Comes Out as HIV Positive

The actor said he has been forced to disclose his status because of a number of cases of extortion, amounting to millions of dollars.

The $1 Alternative to The $750 Pill

Just a few weeks after the cost of a lifesaving drug used by people with HIV was increased 5,000 percent, a new, low-cost monopoly-busting compound has emerged.