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How Hep C Saved Organ Transplant Patients' Lives

Nearly 100,000 people are waiting for a kidney transplant in the U.S., but many will never get one. Instead they’ll stay on dialysis for the rest of their lives. A team of doctors in Philadelphia have found a possible solution to this problem.

New National Trial Gives Hope to HIV Patients Who Need Organs

The National Institutes of Health announced the launch of a large scale clinical trial that will expand efforts to give more HIV positive transplant candidates new kidneys.

Trump Cuts Will Reverse Progress on HIV Treatment and Prevention

The Affordable Care Act did a lot to expand HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention for people at highest risk for the disease.

Fentanyl-Related Overdose Deaths On The Rise, Especially For Black Americans

New research finds that fentanyl is far more common than heroin in overdose deaths in Indianapolis and that African-Americans are particularly affected.

New Bill Limit Student Access To Evidence-Based Sex Ed

The bill may end up leaving many kids out of sex ed.

Getting Down And Getting Tested At Underground LGBT Balls

For many LGBT black and Latino men, ballroom culture is where they find family and community. It’s also a natural place to try grassroots HIV prevention.

New Moms Need Daily Addiction

Staying with their kids helps mom's with addictions stay in recovery and adhere to their HIV regimens.