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Grindr Users: Here's How to Get a Free HIV Test Kit

The Centers for Disease Control thinks it can cut down on transmissions by teaming with the infamous hook-up app.

VIDEO: HIV Advocate Diana Feliz Oliva on Getting Tested

As a trans woman of color, Oliva understands the hardships of being marginalized in our society — and is using that experience to help others. 

Free At-Home Covid Tests Now Available From New Government Site is officially up and running. Read on to learn how to get your household's free tests. 

At-Home HIV and STI Tests to Be Covered by Insurance in California

State health officials hope doing so will help combat the STI epidemic that has continued to grow during the Covid-19 crisis.

Mistr, App for Free PrEP, Hires Porn Performers for Campaign

The campaing features the Mistr logo laid over clips from OnlyFans.

Can Childhood Abuse Lead to Men Getting Tested for HIV More?

Over 370 men participated in a research project to find out. 

COVID-19 May Have Set Back Effort to End HIV in U.S.

Resources directed toward the COVID-19 pandemic and disruptions to health care mean we may see an increase in HIV transmissions after years of decline.

Can Uncontrolled HIV Cause COVID Mutations?

Several variants of the coronavirus were found in a South African woman whose HIV wasn't suppressed, raising the possibility that one epidemic could make another worse.

STD Testing Plummets as Resources Diverted to COVID-19

This trend could have grave health consequences, and experts are calling for renewed STD testing as progress is being made on the COVID pandemic.

CDC: 1 in 5 People in the U.S. Have an STI

New estimates show the large toll of sexually transmitted infections.

Breakthrough HIV Test Offers Double-Duty Innovation

The new test means people living with HIV can begin treatment sooner.

Your HIV Testing Day Resources Are Here

This year's theme for HIV Testing Day is "Knowing."

National Trans HIV Testing Day: Another Reminder of Health Disparities

We can't forget how the most marginalized suffer numerous kinds of discrimination.

Trump Suspends WHO Funding

Health leaders quickly denounced the president’s move.

Why Is HIV Testing Vital to Trans Health?

For this year's #TransWeek, get in the know with why getting tested and knowing your status is important to trans folks everywhere.

How Do We Get More Bi and Gay Latino Men To Test for HIV?

Research shows that young gay and bi Latinos may be closing in on Black men in new HIV diagnoses numbers.

Native American Spotlight: Activist Bryan Kills Crow

When he came out about being poz the news went viral in the Native community, leaving him wondering what the hell he’d just done.

STDs in America Hit an All-Time High in 2018

Thanks to serious cutbacks in funding, sexually transmitted illnesses skyrocketed in just a few years. 

Why We Still Need a National Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Transmission rates of HIV are still highest among gay and bi men.

Fighting HIV On Black Campuses

Getting colleges to step up and offer students real sex education