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Perry Halkitis on Youth Obsession, Aging With HIV, and Surviving for Decades

A new book chronicles the journeys of gay and bi men who’ve lived with HIV for decades.

A Children's Book for Kids of HIV-Positive Moms

Volando Cometas, a Spanish-language kids book, introduces children to HIV.

40-Year Sentence for Man Who Killed HIV-Positive Lover With Steak Knife

A jury sentenced Larry Dunn to 40 years in prison for the murder of Cicely Lee Bolden. The HIV-positive woman was killed a week after she disclosed her status to Dunn last year.

Stigma Drives HIV-Positive Couple in India to Drink Poison

After being forced from their home, a husband and wife take drastic measures to stop the anti-HIV bullying.

Jury Deadlocked in Trial of Man Who Confessed to Killing HIV-Positive Lover

Cicely Lee Bolden was allegedly killed a week after she disclosed her status Larry Dunn last year.

Over a Quarter Million Dollars Raised by Art for AIDS

San Francisco's 17th Annual Art for AIDS auction earned a record-breaking $275,000 this year.

Trial Drug Aims to Fight HPV Symptoms

A trial drug study will be conducted on Multikine, which has the potential to work with the immune system against tumors and warts created by HPV and HPV/HIV co-infection.

Apple Helps Raise Over $65 Million for HIV and AIDS

The money will fund HIV and AIDS relief in Africa.

ACT UP/NY Stages Die-In and Hackathon

Once symbolic of AIDS activism, this die-in was meant to make younger generations of the LGBT community aware that AIDS is still a present-day issue, not an event that can be presented as past history.

Photos of Super Hot Celebs in New HIV Equal Campaign

A new campaign asks celebs and everyday folk to declare themselves HIV Equal.


Can Cocaine Use Make You More Likely to Get HIV?

A new study shows that cocaine exposure can damage T cell receptors, increase their susceptibility to HIV infection, and increase virus production.

Governor Brown Vetoes California Condoms-in-Prisons Bill, Outrages Activists

The governor vetoed AB 999, a bill that would mandated condoms be available in prison and would have been funded by donations, not taxpayers.

UNAIDS Report Suggests AIDS Epidemic Could End by 2030

The UNAIDS released its 2013 global HIV/AIDS report Monday. Its figures estimate a possible end to the AIDS epidemic by 2030, which would also affect pharmaceutical companies.

Genius Grant Goes to Woman Who Can Improve HIV Treatment

A University of Michigan professor just received a MacArthur fellow grant to further her research on treatment that adapts to patient response, something that could greatly improve the efficiency of HIV treatment.

Man Who Killed Himself Contributed to What We Know About HIV

Stephen Crohn, whose white blood cells were unreceptive to HIV infection, committed suicide Aug. 23, but he left behind a legacy that contributed significantly to today's understanding and treatment of HIV.


HIV-Positive Missouri Man Accused of Exposing 300 Partners

An HIV-positive man in Missouri could face life imprisonment if convicted of allegedly exposing hundreds of sexual partners to the virus.