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40-Year Sentence for Man Who Killed HIV-Positive Lover With Steak Knife

40-Year Sentence for Man Who Killed HIV-Positive Lover With Steak Knife


A jury sentenced Larry Dunn to 40 years in prison for the murder of Cicely Lee Bolden. The HIV-positive woman was killed a week after she disclosed her status to Dunn last year.

The jury in the case of a Dallas man accused of killing his HIV-positive mistress has handed down a 40-year prison sentence, reports Houston's KFOX TV.

Larry Dunn, 37, confessed in a video that he killed Cicely Lee Bolden, 28, last year, a week after she told him she was HIV-positive. In his confession, which was presented by the prosecution to the jury this week, Dunn revealed that he and Bolden had unprotected sex and then he stabbed her in the neck with a steak knife when they were done.

Initially, Dunn denied killing Bolden but later confessed to Dallas police detective Brian Tabor that he did indeed kill Bolden.

"In my mind, I'm already dead," Dunn said in his confession video. "She killed me, so I killed her."

According to The Dallas Morning News, Dunn has not tested positive for HIV, although he is still undergoing tests.

Prior to Tuesday morning's verdict, Dunn faced anywhere from five years up to life in prison for Bolden's murder. If the jury had decided Dunn acted in "sudden passion," his sentence would have been anywhere from two to 20 years. The jury was deadlocked as late as Monday.



A Dallas jury has handed down a 40-year prison sentence to a man who admitted to killing his mistress after finding out she was HIV positive. Larry Dunn was sentenced Tuesday after four days of jury deliberations.

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